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NVJICYHBB7Server - ID Vault - Fixed a regression when doing password reset or extract ID file from the ID Vault when a Vault server was incorrectly removed as...
ASATCYNKGPServer - Calendar - Fixed an issue where free time was unable to be fetched from the Exchange server using the Exchange Busytime Connector in Domino...
MJTM9LLTV6Server - Compact - Fixed a crash that could occur when running compact -a during archive cleanup
ANIACV9AGCServer - Database - Fixed an issue where an error "The integrity of a database storage container has been lost - the container will be rebuilt."...
NGRTD27LGVServer - Java Agent - Fixed a crash that could occur when running java agents. Crash was in GetLocalPoolDesc during DbClose processing. This...
RMAACT9MEHServer - Directory - Fixed memory leaks that could occure in nif_lookup_c
KKHOD2PDBPServer - Adminp - Calendar - Fixed an issue where, after renaming a user id, old entries in the calendar with that user id as the chair were not...
DCKTD2NP3ZServer - DAOS - Fixed an issue where attempting to push a DAOS object to Tier 2 would result in a NoSuchKey error when calling AWS...
JBUDCWCJYJServer/Client - Full Text Indexing - Fixed an issue where the Notes/Domino temp file directory woul occasionally contained empty temporary filesystem...
MOBNCXJNFEServer - Directory - Entitlement Tracking - Fixed an error where Entitlement Tracking was exiting early without reporting an error when handling...
SGHHCYGM3EServer - Calendar - Fixed an issue where Cyrillic characters were not displaying properly for meeting invitations received from WebEx. This was...
TMAICWHDAYServer - SMTP Server - Fixed an issue where when the Domino SMTP Server received a message with attachments whose names differed only in pitch...
JPAID2HKEQServer - Mail Routing - Fixed an issue where mail messages were not being delivered to clustermate when the user's Home Server in the cluster was...
MOBND2NLG9Server - DirSync - Fixed an issue where if a DA host was changed from an LDAP sprayer host to a dedicated host the Dirsync config doc wasn't...
MOBNCZBN48Server - Directory Services - Entitlement Tracking - Fixed an issue where person documents that have no Certificate nor password but do authenticate...
NGRTD3AC54Server - Database - Fixed a deadlock that could occur between http and Traveler, resulting in a server hang.
DCKTD49HKVServer - DAOS - Added additional length information to objectinfo verbose logging output
SRAOCXYMHEServer - Securitty - Fixed handling different format/padding of SAML Encrypted assertions while using AES-CBC algorithm by SAML IDPs like...
JCASD36AM9Server - Database - DAOS - Added additional logging when pushing objects to Tier2
DCKTD2URWAServer - Database - DAOS - Added enhanced logging when pushing objects to Tier 2 including progress indicator
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